Brass Rods

Brass Round Rods and Brass Hexagonal Rods manufactured according to EN CW617N and EN CW614N, which are used in manufacture of brass valves, brass plumbings, brass fittings, brass electrical connectors...etc.


Brass Billets

Horizontal Continious Casted Brass Billets. We both use them in our own brass Rods and brass profiles production, and also sell them.


Brass Profiles

We are the #1 manufacturer of Brass Profiles in Turkey, which are used in manufacture of brass accessories, brass hinges, brass cylinder locks, brass electrical parts...etc.


Online Product Catalogue

Click here to access to our Brass Profiles Product can also send us your new profiles inquiries by email.

Welcome to the Website of HAS METAL, which is number one manufacturers of Brass Rods and Brass Profiles.


Forging 4,30 €/kg*
Drawn 4,35 €/kg*
Profile 4,45 €/kg*

*Exworks Istanbul

Forging 5,60 $/kg*
Drawn 5,65 $/kg*
Profile 5,85 $/kg*

*Exworks Istanbul