Our firm was founded in 1986 in Istanbul, to manufacture brass rods and brass profiles. Our factory has a closed area of 3.000 square meters, and has an annual  manufacture capacity of 10.000 metric tons.

In 2012, we have moved to our new factory in Kocaeli, which has a larger area and production capacity.

In the sector it belongs, Has Metal has the proud of being a very strong competent by its quality and price strategy.

Our products are used in manufacture of brass fittings, brass plumbings, brass auto spare parts,brass furniture accessories, brass electric connectors and every type of parts which are made of brass.

Main industries which uses brass as raw Material are lighting, brass accessories, electric, water systems and automotive industry.

We export to many countries in Europe, Asia and Middle East.We are growing our international market rapidly.


With continuously updated technology,growing capacity, production quality and growing market, Has Metal will continue serving its customers while preserving its innovative structure.


Our mission is to make our production with high technology and quality in an economic manner.

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